Solution Saturday: I can’t focus

Lack of focus means you’re out of control.

Distraction drains energy and dilutes potential.

 the first step toward focus is establishing priorities

Unfocused leaders:

  1. Struggle to trust others.
  2. Don’t have hobbies.
  3. Say yes too much.
  4. Eat poorly.
  5. Forget what they’re all about.

A leader with focus does what matters.

Start your day slowly:

Frantic at the beginning is distracted through the day.

  1. Begin with gratitude when you wake up. Say, “I’m thankful for _______,” at least three times before your feet hit the floor.
  2. Give yourself permission to avoid technology for the first 30 minutes of the day. Control it. Don’t let it control you.
  3. While in the shower, choose the top two or three things you must do today.
  4. Write one thing in an aspiration journal. “Today I aspire to be ________.” Focus on being that throughout your day.

Create focus-points that depend on you, not others.

Just for today I will:

  1. End meetings early.
  2. Ask questions that address awkward or difficult topics.
  3. Trust others. “I’m trusting you to _______.”
  4. Make more requests.
  5. Ask the second question.
  6. Say, “I see you have a problem. Come back this afternoon with two or three options.”
  7. Smile when I walk into an office.
  8. Express gratitude at the end of interactions.
  9. Talk about organizational purpose at the beginning of meetings.
  10. Say, “No,” three times. (If you say yes too much, you might need to lower the bar and say, “No,” once.)

10 tips for finding focus:

  1. Schedule interruption-time during your day.
  2. Make an appointment with focus-time.
  3. Go off-site for an hour of focus-time. Try a coffee shop.
  4. Eliminate the person who takes more than they give.
  5. Keep a notepad by your bed.
  6. Do important stuff first.
  7. Write a “to don’t” list.
  8. Complete the thing you’ve been putting off.
  9. Turn off electronic notifications.
  10. Journal.

Which of these suggestions make the most sense to you?

How might leaders maintain focus in a distracting world?

**Thanks to Facebook friends and fans for all your stimulating suggestions on this topic!