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On Useful Candor

The reason we aren’t candid with people is we are protecting someone. It may be someone else, our self, or both. Five things we protect: Reputation. Status. Position. Status quo. Opportunities. Why we… Continue reading

15 Potent Strategies for Fighting Confusion

Confusion is common; clarity rare. Confusion rules until leaders courageously intervene. Successful leaders always fight confusion and find clarity. Secret weapon: Clarity is leadership’s secret and most powerful weapon. Clarity allows followers to know where… Continue reading

Six Strategies to Get Your Tough On

Err on the side of pushing harder not easier. When you wonder if you should challenge or comfort someone, challenge them. Expect more not less. Encourage those who are struggling but don’t exclude… Continue reading

The Only Way to Inspire Others

Image source Martin Luther King inspired people not because he had a dream but because he touched the silent dream of others. He said what mattered to others. Leaders that busily talk about… Continue reading

Who is your organization becoming

Image source Great vision ends in being not doing; it surpasses activities. Great vision answers the questions who do we want to become. What you want to do is important; who you want… Continue reading

Are you honoring the wrong things?

Some think giving too much praise makes people lazy and indulgent. They’ll settle into the notion your organization is lucky to have them. Choose praise points carefully. Praise creates culture. You get what… Continue reading