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Six Steps to Energy

Leaders correct too much and affirm too little. Hold monthly affirmation sessions. Here’s how. Invite one key player to an affirmation session for the sole purpose of encouragement. Be prepared. You do this… Continue reading

All’s Well that Begins Well

This note arrived from a young leader: I’m spearheading some interdepartmental activities with the goal of more open communication and increased relationships between departments. Could you suggest some good resources? Would you consider… Continue reading

Great Leaders are Great Because They …

Great leadership is more about others and less about you. Stop focusing on yourself. Great leaders are great because they: Have emotional intelligence. Reveal greatness in others. Know where they’re going and why.… Continue reading

The 8 Strengths of Humility

I asked G.J. Hart, when he was CEO of Texas Roadhouse, if he could spot emerging leaders. He didn’t rule out talent, education, or leadership presence, but he replied, “I can usually tell… Continue reading

Fixing Why Leaders Don’t Let Go of Decisions

Decisions should be made by those closest to the action. The trouble is those closest to the action may not see the big picture. They may act selfishly. Perhaps they’re great at their… Continue reading

In Praise of Power

Saying, “I’m the boss,” indicates you’ve lost influence and resorted to intimidation. Coercive power offends. But, power isn’t a dirty word, with it you get things done. Without power, nothing gets done. Power… Continue reading