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How to Stop so you can Start

Before you find your personal best, let go of your mediocrity. Determine what isn’t working and stop it. Stopping: Stopping is harder than you think. Fear of failure makes you keep working at… Continue reading

When Failure Matters

The self-defense instructor taught us to escape first. But if you can’t escape, put your back up against the wall or find a corner to stand in. Attackers can’t surround you – vulnerabilities… Continue reading

Slackers, Lions, and Leadership

Talking without action is meaningless babble. Successful leaders connect with doers. “Do” your way out of problems, challenges, and adversity. Talking helps but only when it focuses on effective, efficient action. An ancient… Continue reading

Fitting In AND Standing Out

When I was young fitting in meant becoming what others expected. Now I know, fitting in requires knowing yourself not losing yourself. Leaders and managers who help people fit in create dynamic organizations.… Continue reading

Pushing Through without Pushing Away

Challenge the comfortable status quo and others resist. However, resistance tests new ideas; it’s healthy. You need to demonstrate and defend their worth. It takes courage to push through and wisdom to push… Continue reading

Talent is Never Enough

Adams and Jefferson, Founding Fathers of the United States, didn’t always like each other. Toward the end of their lives they came to appreciate and respect each other but for much of their… Continue reading