Work Doesn’t Have to Suck

I just listened to Season 1 – Episode 11 of the podcast FRICTION. It’s something Bob Sutton and Huggy Rao do in their ‘spare’ time. I recommend it. Episode 11: Five Ways to… Continue reading

Choose Your Focus Because Your Eyes Control Your Tongue

Teams and organizations move in the direction of the words they use. The most important thing I can say about your tongue is it’s a rudder. 7 powers of words: Words determine direction. … Continue reading

You Can’t Inspire Those You Look Down On

Feeling superior comes in many forms. All of them are justifications for looking down on others. You can’t inspire those you look down on. Manipulate yes. Inspire no. 12 comparisons that lead to… Continue reading

Warren Buffet Explains his Greatest Investment

He said, “I knew you were going to ask. The answer is, ‘Yes.’” A commitment: He had committed to give one personal face-to-face affirmation everyday for two weeks. I thought it was a… Continue reading

You Either Build the Future or Sink in the Past

Raise your hand if you believe we live in turbulent times. If you keep doing the same thing in turbulent times, you’re irrelevant.   The meaning of big change efforts: Every organization that… Continue reading

Move in the Right Direction with a Culture Champion

Organizational culture spirals inward and downward when left to itself. Decline is the consequence of neglect and folly. It’s never a fluke when people come to work with commitment and energy. Building a… Continue reading