How to Tell Your Boss to Back Off

It’s hard to get a meddling boss to back off. An adversarial relationship won’t help.

You can do things that help your boss back off.

7 Things You Would Love to Say to an Intimidating Boss

An intimidating seldom hears the truth.

What would you say to an intimidating boss if you had courage?

How to Use Small Circles to Create Focus

The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

Use the circle method to create focus…

Eye-opening Self-Reflection Questions for Leaders

Growth requires self-reflection. Do you actually deliver the goods? Could you have blind spots?

Are you the real deal?

Self-reflection questions that keep you on track…

Aptronyms: What if Your Name Suited You

Pecksniff and Scrooge are aptronyms.

What if your name was appropriate for you?

A moment for reflection…

How to Spot a Manipulative Boss

The line between influence and manipulation is intention.

Manipulators seek their own interests. Ethical influencers seek your best interest.

“We can’t live if you’re promoted,” is baloney with a capital ‘B’.