7 Things I Learned About Expressing Frustration from a State Trooper

Most leaders don’t know how to best use and effectively express frustration. Unexpressed frustration turns into more frustration. Poorly expressed frustration makes matters worse. Image from Google Maps The Story: A State Trooper pulled… Continue reading

How to Stop Solving Problems and Start Solving Patterns

Recognize and solve negative patterns or you’ll end up solving the same problems over and over. The third time you have the same conversation, with the same person, about the same disappointing performance,… Continue reading

5 Powerful Leadership Behaviors Any Leader Can Do in 2017

#1. Distill challenges and opportunities into one word. Create focus.  All high performance requires focus. Chasing urgencies dilutes success. Choose what matters. Ignore what doesn’t matter. (You can’t have it all. You can’t do it… Continue reading

Behaviors that May Seem Inconsistent with Servant Leadership

Servant leaders aren’t pussy cats, doormats, or spineless wonders. You have the wrong idea if servant leadership makes you think of picking daisies while holding hands. Servant leaders hunger for success. They don’t… Continue reading

How Leaders Unnecessarily Elevate Their Own Stress and Frustration

The things you don’t say make your belly hurt. Leaders cause themselves stress and frustration when they sweep performance concerns under the carpet. Discomfort: I recently asked a group of leaders, “What makes… Continue reading

3 Secrets to Giving Corrective Feedback with Ease and Confidence

Every time you shoot yourself in the foot, you do it with good intentions. Someone needs to say, “If you do that again, you’re going to shoot the other foot.” Corrective feedback enables… Continue reading