Listen for and speak to fears

My dad’s first words when I told him about my new job were, “It’s not very close to home.” I was in Missouri, he was in Maine and the job was in Pennsylvania.… Continue reading

Becoming an authentic leader

All leaders always change things. Thinking back over the times that I’ve initiated change, one important factor emerges. I change before I change others. Sometimes I changed from the outside in. Once, when… Continue reading

Honor opens the door to influence

While sitting in the reception area I wondered what Scott would be like. “Scott” is a business and community leader and the first LF subscriber I’ve met face to face. After a hand… Continue reading

6 expressions of affirmation

She cautiously joins the leadership circle, feeling a bit out of place.  The leadership team invited her to the meeting for, what I’ll call, an affirmation session. She knows why she’s there but… Continue reading

Community Update – 03/27/10

T H A N K   Y O U Seven weeks ago the first country code popped up on a Leadership Freak subscriber’s email address. It was UK for the United Kingdom. Two… Continue reading

Selfish coward or loyal supporter

“My boss threw me under the buss.” “I did most of the work but my boss took all of the credit.” “I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard my supervisor taking credit… Continue reading