Open Leadership – Some Sanity

Openness is central to the integration of social media with leadership and business. I had one leader skeptically say, “Let’s see what happens three years from now,” as if social media was going… Continue reading

Open Leadership

“Power to the People,” by John Lenon was released nearly 30 years ago. It’s coming true today. When power is viewed as a zero sum game, empowering one group disempowers another. Furthermore, power… Continue reading

Spotting Blind Spots

You don’t see you like others see you. Blind spots are things that others easily see in us but we don’t or won’t see in ourselves. If statements like, “You’re just like your… Continue reading

The key to recruiting volunteers

One motivated volunteer is worth 10 that aren’t. People volunteer for personal reasons, not organizational reasons. — If you work in the nonprofit sector, you might want to read that again. — Successful… Continue reading

Beating skeptics

Every leader faces skeptics. It’s normal, in some cases healthy. You build bridges to skeptics when you: Get to the point I’m skeptical of people that never get to the point. It feels… Continue reading

People are frustrating?

“Have you tried to ‘fix’ anybody lately?” One of life’s biggest frustrations is other people. Am I right? People just don’t behave, perform, or have the attitudes you want them to have. Who… Continue reading