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Solution Saturday: Did I Damage Relationships

This question comes from Megan in New Mexico: After working with employees for years you reach a point where you can often predict their opinion or next move. Is it still beneficial or… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: How to Convince the Older Generation to Change

The value of not changing is things stay the same. But, “If change is happening on the outside faster than on the inside, the end is in sight.” Jack Welch The question: I… Continue reading

Succeeding with the Bottom 10%

Every organization has a bottom 10% of employees, leaders, and managers who perform poorly. Your goal, if you can’t remove the bottom 10% is to maximize the situation. 7 reasons for poor performance:… Continue reading

13 Things That Are Changing My Life and Leadership

I’m surprised at how much I want others to change and how much I resist it in myself. Change is exciting when it’s about others. Growth is change. No change; no growth. Life without change… Continue reading

How to Create Dissatisfaction that Energizes

Most leaders are too quick to rush to solutions. Begin with the nightmare, not the dream. Dissatisfaction that energizes begins with an unacceptable present. The place beyond the hill isn’t worth the climb when… Continue reading

The Illusion of Desire

Recurring gossip, blame, and complaining indicate you want things to change, but you haven’t done anything about it. Wanting change increases frustration when old behaviors continue. Tell me what you’re doing to achieve… Continue reading