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Creating Glorious Space for Reinvention

Baggage barricades your future.  Leadership baggage includes past: Disappointment with others. Unresolved conflict. Broken relationships. Personal failure. Failed plans. Financial frustrations and business setbacks. Releasing baggage is like cutting sandbags from balloons. In,… Continue reading

10 Strategies for Starting Over

An employee frustrates the heck out of you. Wish you could start over? Your boss drives you crazy. Wouldn’t it be nice to start fresh? What’s stopping you from starting over? You! Start over –… Continue reading

Moving Stagnant Organizations

Image source Every team has a few passionate leaders chomping at the bit to create the future. But, dead weight weighs them down. Most teams lead by consensus, the lowest common denominator. I… Continue reading

The Secrets of Imperfection

You might think it’s awkward but I asked anyway. “What makes me think you can be a leader?” The person I asked is in their early 20’s with many leadership accomplishments. Maybe it… Continue reading

Can Complainers Become Leaders

Are complainers potential leaders? Listen closely to their complaints; learn from their techniques. Seeing problems is the beginning of leadership; circling problems ends leadership. Some see problems and complain; leaders see problems and seek solutions.… Continue reading

10 Ways to Find Your Breakthrough

Image source Breakthrough moments rise up and grip you by the throat. Resist them and you’re stuck. Navigate them and you’ll achieve new levels of success. Many leaders resist the very thing that… Continue reading