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I Felt on the Spot During Q&A

I felt on the spot after a recent presentation. During the Q&A, my authenticity was questioned in front of the audience. I give Leadership Freak coffee cups for questions. When I gave her… Continue reading

10 Ways to Seize Leadership’s Greatest Opportunity

Life feels empty when you feel you could be more. Leadership’s greatest opportunity is maximizing potential. 7 ways to be less than you could be: Think, “They need to change.” Ignore feedback because,… Continue reading

How to Stop Bristling at Feedback

Leaders rarely say, “I’d like your feedback.” It’s even more rare for feedback to be received well. The most important thing about seeking feedback is the way it’s received. 5 reasons leaders bristle… Continue reading

The Leadership Pursuit that Enhances All Others

Short-sighted leaders love giving feedback, but seldom seek it. When was the last time you said, “I’d like your feedback.” Leaders don’t invite feedback because they don’t want it. You may say you don’t have… Continue reading

Most Feedback Begins in the Wrong Place

Don’t you “love” it when someone asks, “Do you mind if I give you some feedback?” You can’t say, “Yes, I do mind,” especially if it’s the boss. Wouldn’t you like to say, “Frankly,… Continue reading

How to Make Looking Bad Look Good

The path to remarkable is paved with feedback. Feedback, received well, transforms leaders. However, the behavior leaders fail at most is seeking feedback.  Feedback that hurts the most often helps the most.  Getting… Continue reading