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Seven Ways to Keep Dreams Alive

She said, “I have a burning passion to live a high impact life.  She began explaining her vision.  It’s exciting.  However, the inevitable “how to make it happen,” fills her with fear and… Continue reading

Three Simple Steps to Radical Change

* Leaders change things. Leaders who can’t manage change fail. Everything that successfully resists change dies. “Companies that pursue and embrace change are healthy, growing, and dynamic organizations, while companies that fear change… Continue reading

The Seven Pursuits of Leadership

You may grow weary of a life of pursuit but what’s the alternative? Spend yourself in pursuit or waste yourself in ease. Fatigue from pursuit is the noblest form of exhaustion. “At its… Continue reading

Jesus was a Follower

Not all leaders can lead like Gandhi, Lincoln, Churchill, or Jesus. Surprisingly, Jesus described himself as a follower. He said things like: I do not seek my own will but the will of the… Continue reading

The Seven Decisions of Decisive Leaders

Decisiveness is a strength and weakness. I often hear complaints about bosses who can’t make decisions. Then there’s the leader who makes all the decisions. In both cases the results are the same.… Continue reading

Drucker: Treat Employees Like Volunteers

Lousy leaders think pay checks are permission to treat people like slaves. Control: I caught an awkward glimpse of myself when I asked my wife, “Would you like me to tell you what… Continue reading