Overcoming the Blindness of Vision

 blind -ness

The down side of seeing the future is blindness.

Your dream makes you willing to do what it takes. Others should feel the same. Passion for the future blinds you to the pressing needs of people, today.

Their reluctance or resistance suggests something’s wrong with them. In reality, something’s wrong with you.

Blind leaders steamroll others
and in the process blame their victims.

Everyone doesn’t see tomorrow as clearly as you. The needs of today are clearer than the dreams of tomorrow, to some.


Individuals and teams won’t move forward until their pressing personal needs are met. Prepare people to meet challenges.

Some need comfort. Others need information. Still others, won’t face new challenges until they learn new skills. In any case, accept their pressing personal need.


  1. See and accept their urgent need.  Say, “You seem reluctant to accept this assignment.”
  2. Don’t belittle or minimize.  Ask, “What makes you feel this way?”
  3. Ask them to clarify their concern.  Ask, “What is causing your reluctance?”
  4. Speak directly to their need using respectful, encouraging language.  Say, “I will coach you through this project.”
  5. Give them time to digest and adapt.  Ask, “Can we talk about this tomorrow?”


  1. Creates trust. You trust people who understand and accept you.
  2. Frees individuals to try, even if they feel reluctant.
  3. Enhances productivity by fueling motivation.
  4. Lowers stress.

Keep talking vision even as you accept and prepare people to move forward today.


Urgent circumstances may require short-cutting this process and creating high levels of distress.  You may need to say, “I realize this is difficult for you, I need you to step up. I believe in you.”

How can leaders stay passionate about the future and sensitive to others at the same time?

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