You can’t get there from here

An outsider stopped outside a cedar clad country store. Sitting on the weathered porch a wrinkled New Englander eyeballed the flat lander climb out of a shiny SUV. The city slicker called to the quiet observer, “Do you know how to get to I-95?” After a moment of silence he raised an eyebrow and calmly replied, “You can’t get they’ah from here’ah.”

Thursday I met with five young leaders. Most were new to leading their organization. Sitting around the conference table they weren’t sure where they wanted to take their organization. Our conversation reminded me of three basics of leading.

Leaders determine and describe compelling destinations. Success requires more than catchy slogans, banners, and enthusiasm. Leaders know where they are going.

Compelling destinations determine today’s decisions. Some think decisions determine destinations but that’s reactive living. Leaders navigate toward predetermined personal and organizational destinations.

Finally, leading requires courage to dedicate resources, invest credibility, and overcoming resistance.

If you don’t know where you are going, know how to get there, and the courage to step out, don’t expect anyone to follow you.

Unlike wry New Englanders, leaders courageously say, “We can get there’ah from here’ah.”


What can you add to my list of leadership fundamentals?


Leadership Freak

Dan Rockwell