Reasons to reject advice


This italicized text was added on 05/19/2010 just 6 hours after I posted the following article because I obviously succeeded in writing poorly. The original intent of this article, “Reasons to reject advice” was to say we SHOULD listen to advice even if it comes from sources we may not approve. I’m going to re-write this post tomorrow and see if I can clear the muddy waters… Please feel free to leave your comments and suggestions on how this post might have been written more clearly. Thanks


My wife and I were both 19 years old when we married. Three years later our first child, Mindy, arrived. She came to us via an emergency C-section. Thankfully she was fine and has grown to marry and have three children of her own.

After Mindy’s birth my mom gave me one word of unsolicited advice. “Don’t be too strict with your children.” At 22 years old, her advice slipped off like water off a ducks back. However, her wisdom was timely. Looking back, I believe I was too strict. Thankfully Mindy overcame my lack of parenting finesse.

I didn’t heed my mom’s guidance because I wasn’t dumb enough to be smart. I had the answers to parenting. Frankly, back then I had the answers to many of life’s mysteries.

Reasons I reject advice even though I shouldn’t …

I reject advice when I think I’m competent.

I reject advice when it comes from someone less experienced.

I reject advice from people who don’t see the full picture or understand all the circumstances.

I reject advice from those out of touch with current culture.

I reject advice from those who don’t share the same responsibilities I have.

I reject advice from those I feel don’t understand me.

I believe we learn from failure but I reject advice from those who’ve failed.

There are too many reasons to reject advice! Self-justifying lists are too easy to generate so here’s a word of advice.

The best advice is advice you think you don’t need.


Have you rejected advice you should have heeded?


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