Identity influences interactions

This is the “I” installment of my “Alphabet for Leaders.”

I’m a grandfather with three grandchildren (5, 4, and 1 year). Early on they called me poppi but that’s been shortened to pop. I’ve chosen my identity. I’m the wacky fun pop. I’m the pop who turns all the lights off and says let’s play hide and seek with flash lights. I’m the guy who rubs growing powder on kids and they instantly grow about half an inch (.2 cm). My personal identity influences my interactions.

Your view of yourself (Identity) influences
the way you interact with others.

The way you identify your role influences interactions. If your role is parent, you feel responsibility for your children. If you believe your role is protecting others from failure, you may be a control freak. However, if you identify yourself as one who brings out the best in others, it’s likely you’re committed to delegate vision and tasks.

Your perception of your place (Identity) influences the words you say. For example, if you view yourself as over others you may talk down. Furthermore, if you view yourself as the authority, you’ll give answers and directions.

Choose your Identity

I’ve chosen my pop-identity. I’m going to be fun, surprising, and giving. Additionally, we can choose our leadership-identity. I’m choosing to be an encouraging leader. That choice influences the nature of my interactions with others.

You can choose your leadership-identity. It will align with your personality, talents, abilities, and knowledge. Most importantly, it will align with the vision you choose for yourself.

Leadership is influence. Everyone can lead in some way and to some extent. You can choose to leverage positive influence toward beneficial goals.

Authentic leadership begins when you choose your leadership-identity not with what you do.


What leadership-identity have you chosen?

What do the behaviors of those around you tell you about the personal identity they have chosen?


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