The “V” word for leaders – Vacuum

Nature abhors a vacuum.

My own leadership journey has taken me from a passive leader to an active leader. Passive leaders only have titles. They aren’t leading. Organizations do better when the person with the title of leader is the leader.

If you don’t lead someone else will.

Who will lead if you don’t?

*Someone who wants your job

*Someone with a hidden or personal agenda

*Someone frustrated that you aren’t leading

*Someone more passionate than you

Why aren’t you leading?

*The wrong self-image-You don’t see yourself as a leader

*Misunderstanding of leadership

*Lack of confidence

*Unwillingness to make decisions

*You have no place to go-No vision

One tip for moving from passive to active leadership

Take less time to decide.

Continue working with your leadership team. Discuss important decision but don’t beat them to death. Limit the length of the conversation by keeping on target, summarizing comments, and asking if there is anything else. After reasonable input call for a decision or make it yourself.

A word of caution

Take longer with high risk, high profile decisions. Move quickly everywhere else.


How can passive leaders become active leaders?


You’ve just read the “V” installment of the series “Alphabet for Leaders.” What other “V” words can you offer leaders?