The Next Level

Recently promoted from manager to leader? Want to be? Looking to enhance your leadership potential? If yes, I suggest you sit up and pay attention to Scott Eblin’s book, The Next Level.

Making it?

Mathematically, the chances you’ll make it to executive or C-level leadership in your organization are slim. Furthermore, if you do, there’s a 40% chance you’ll crash and burn within 18 months (Center for Creative Leadership).

In, The Next Level, Scott Eblin responds to four central reasons leaders fail. (As reported by the Kelly School of Business at Indiana University)

  • Ineffective Communication
  • Poor Work Relationships and Interpersonal Skills
  • Failure to Clarify Direction or Performance Expectations
  • Failure to Adapt and Break Old Habits

Patterns free your mind to focus. I love the clear, repetitive pattern of, The Next Level. Every chapter begins with something to pick up and something to let go. Additionally, every chapter ends with a summary of ten tips. Scattered throughout the text are Data Points and Coaching Moments that add variety and interest. Finally, tons of powerful stories and insightful interviews opened my mind and validated key insights.

Scott presents balanced material on both picking up and letting go. In my opinion, the “letting go” material is the strength of The Next Level. In a recent conversation, Scott said to me, “Smart people are really good at picking up. They aren’t as good at letting go because it’s an emotional challenge.” (Full Interview: In Over His Head)

Six things successful leaders let go:

  • Doubting in how they contribute
  • Self-Reliance
  • Responsibility for a few results
  • Running flat out till they crash
  • Letting go of an inside-out view of your function
  • A small-footprint view of your role

I’ve intentionally excluded the “picking up” side of Scott’s ideas to instigate conversation. If you need more information, ask Scott.

News Flash: Scott Eblin will be in the house today (Jan. 20) responding to your questions and comments. If you’ve been promoted recently or you want to earn a promotion, Scott Eblin has experience and insights that can enhance your potential and save you a world of hurt.


As individuals move up in an organization what behaviors should they let go? What should they pick up?

What are some reasons 40% of newly promoted leaders fail within 18 months?