Ignite High Performance Emotions

She said, “I think you want people to be afraid of you.”

The higher you go the more serious your face looks. You may mistakenly believe a serious look makes you appear important. On the other hand, it may be a tool of intimidation. It may make you unapproachable.

What to do and what to feel

You meet with individuals and teams to solve problems, develop strategies, and create forward movement.  You’re always asking yourself what needs to get done next.

All successful action-meetings include the powerful question, “Who does what by when?” I’m suggesting you ask a question that goes beyond assigning responsibilities and executing plans.

Have you asked yourself how you want others to feel when the meeting’s over or your exchange ends? Are you intentionally creating emotional states that lift others higher and take your organization further?

Don’t leave emotions to chance.

Leaders depend on the competence of others to achieve organizational objectives. Shouldn’t you want others to feel confident and competent? Does your tone, facial expressions, and body language tell others you trust them, you believe in them, you support them?

You have the power to motivate through fear and intimidation. You also have the power to ignite inner energy, to enable and ennoble. Are the people around you just collecting pay checks or are they passionate contributors? A pay-check culture lacks emotion. If you’re leading a pay-check culture, chances are you either created it or you’re feeding it. Perhaps they reflect you.

Stop being distant and oppressive in order to be impressive. Inspiring others makes you impressive in new ways. Expressing confidence in others bolsters their confidence in themselves and in you. Is it time for you to intentionally ignite high performance emotions?


What emotional states best enable achievement?

What can leaders do to create high performance emotional states in others?