10 ways to get the most from a 2 year old

“How can they be so immature?”

“People should grow up.”

These and other people-complaints float around offices and across tables at lunch. Suppose you actually had an office of two year olds, how would you get the most from them?

1. Lower yourself

Get down on their level. Two year olds don’t like it when you tower over them. Get on your hands and knees.

2. Elevate them

Better yet, let them be above you. Go the extra mile and get below them. Lay flat on the floor and let them crawl on your belly. Let them be taller than you.

3. Lower your voice

Speak quietly. Loud voices make them uncomfortable. It also helps to use positive tones. Strong emotion and anger is scary.

4. Simplify

Speaking of speaking, use single syllable words they understand.

5. Participate

Do things with them. Pile up blocks, color, make truck noises and push some dirt.

6. Build confidence

Ask them to show you how to do something. They love teaching dumb big people.

7. Clean up with

Two year olds don’t work well alone. They need help staying on task.

8. Clean up after

In the end they may not complete tasks well. You’ll end up cleaning up and finishing for them.

9. Clean up after pt. 2

They make stinking messes in their pants and don’t know how to make “it” go away.

10. Reward small successes

“Oh my! That tower is spectacular.”

Three reasons

There are three reasons we treat two year olds the way we do. First, we love them. Second, they are at their current potential. Third, they are growing and learning.

If they can but aren’t developing, we adopt other strategies.


Which of these strategies could apply to offices you’ve heard about?

Which definitely don’t apply? Why or why not?