Crashing barriers to fulfillment at work

Inept leaders drain enthusiasm; create negative work-cultures, and generate unfulfilled, self-centered, inward-facing employees.

Great leaders know how to infuse people with fulfillment.

Emphasize value:

The barrier of meaningless work is broken when the value of work is understood and embraced.

When employee contributions aren’t valuable to your organization, their leader is inept. S/he is not effectively leveraging human resources.

Worse yet, team members that can’t explain the value of their work have inept leaders.

Worth of work:

Work that isn’t valued isn’t fulfilling.

Explain the worth of work in terms internal and external customers understand and value.


Why not invite a team member to your office and ask them to explain the value of their work. Don’t terrify them. Tell them you are exploring and then listen.

More importantly:

Explain the value of their work from your point of view.

Focus on value in terms of internal and external customers. In addition, describe value in behavioral not theoretical terms.

Include individuals with less glamorous positions like support and custodial staff.

One step more:

Crashing barriers to fulfillment at work
includes feeling valued by others.

Go one step more by asking team members to explain the worth of another employee’s work. Stick with terms that internal and external customers value.

An exploration:

What could happen at a, “Value of work,” meeting where people explain the value of other people’s work? How might it be run?