Too busy to matter

I’m learning it takes more courage to stop than to start. Anyone can start something new. It takes real leaders to stop something old.

Think of your life as a five-gallon bucket. You can only cram so much in before it overflows. Adding to life without subtracting from it results in bloated, stress-filled days that begin feeling meaningless. That’s when you start asking, “What’s life all about?”

If you don’t intentionally take things out of your life, life will do it for you. Sadly, the things that fall out are frequently the things that matter most.

Seven things to stop:

  1. Stop good things and embrace great things. If you are wondering what’s great, you decide.
  2. Self-importance keeps people doing things that don’t matter. You are important but life will go on without you. Humility sets you free. Others can do many of the things you cling to.
  3. Only do what only you can do. Delegate the rest.
  4. Are you enabling others to shirk their responsibilities by doing things for them? You aren’t helping. Stop!
  5. Say no to electronics for a portion of everyday and go for a short walk. Take 10 or 15 minutes to let things go.
  6. Don’t schedule back to back appointments.
  7. Don’t offer to help. Offer encouragement. Honor what others are doing.
Three things to start:
  1. Engage in activities that visibly express great virtues like love, humility, beauty, excellence, faith, honesty, sacrifice, and kindness. Walk out of your office and express something meaningful.
  2. Connect behaviors with purpose.
  3. Shift from frustration to gratitude. Two people can experience similar events while one is bitter or angry and the other finds happiness. One key reason is gratitude. Gratitude matters.

Bonus: Stop searching for the magic pill that solves your struggles.

What can leaders do or more importantly, stop doing that helps build a life that matters?