22 Powerful ways to Overcome Discouragement

Ignore anyone that says they don’t get discouraged.

We are bombarded with – be positive, think positive – messages because leaders get discouraged. Sad but true.

people who don't get discouraged

22 suggestions for overcoming discouragement:

  1. Ask someone you respect if they ever feel discouraged.
  2. Accept people for who they are. Trying to change people is futile and frustrating.
  3. When you feel discouraged acknowledge it to yourself. People who never feel discouraged are out of touch with themselves and the world.
  4. Anger frequently grows into discouragement. Let go of anger.
  5. Learn to do something new.
  6. Hold your head up. Good posture helps.
  7. Encourage someone. Your needs reveal what others may need.
  8. Stop trying to control things you can’t control. Let something go.
  9. Exercise.
  10. Persistent ambiguity is discouraging. Establish milestones; seeing progress encourages.
  11. Solve a small challenge or complete a project. Checking something off your list lifts a weight from your shoulders.
  12. Do your best to focus on things you do best. It feels great to do something well.
  13. Feeling alone can be discouraging. Let someone in. Find a friend by being a friend.
  14. Reward yourself or someone else.
  15. Journal.
  16. Reinterpret your setbacks as learning experiences and stepping stones.
  17. Enjoy fresh ideas from a book or lecture.
  18. Do something fun.
  19. If you don’t get some rest you’ll end up discouraged.
  20. The up side of discouragement is it may motivate you to evaluate yourself.
  21. Change a routine.
  22. Drain the drama. Respond objectively.

Writing a list of things that encourage – encourages me. Maybe #23 is writing a list of things you can do that encourage you.

Where do you find encouragement?

How do you encourage others?