See the Good – Say the Good

Your attitude is within your control. It’s not dependent on circumstances or people.

Your attitude is your orientation toward life.

I’ve decided to take charge of my attitude. By nature I’m negative by choice I’m positive. Read, “The Four to One Rule will Change Your Life,” to learn one of the strategies for managing your attitude. If you took the “4 to 1” challenge you know it makes a difference.

A New Attitude Maker:

This week I’m adopting a new strategy for developing and maintaining a positive attitude, call it “See the Good – Say the Good.” This strategy fuels positivism. It also creates positive environments.

I’m choosing to look for the good in others and when I see it, I’ll say it to them – See the Good, Say the Good.

Leaders and managers improve things. Improvers identify lack and fix it. You’ll always need to improve things. You and the people around you haven’t arrived yet. Give improvement a rest for a few days.

A New Challenge:

Can you see the good and say the good for an entire day? How about a few days or a week? You may find that by creating a positive environment people will improve themselves.

Put a reminder sticker on the mirror. Tell a friend your commitment. Telling others where you’re going helps you get there. Including others can make “see the good, say the good” a fun game.


What strategies can you suggest for creating and maintaining a positive attitude?


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