Stop the Madness Before its too Late

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There are only three ways to get more time – eliminate, delegate, or accelerate. The hardest is elimination.

Starting is more fun than stopping. Starting new things without stopping old things, however, is the reason your life is out of control.

Five Ways to Stop the Madness:

First, feel your frustrations; don’t bury them. You won’t stop something until you’re angry that it’s a roadblock to something better. Get mad in order to stop the madness.

Anger is good when it motivates change and bad when it turns inward. When your anger turns on you, you’ll end up feeling helpless and depressed.

It’s nearly impossible to find a quote that encourages anger. Everyone warns of its danger.

Bede Jarrett went against the flow when he said, “The world needs anger. The world often continues to allow evil because it isn’t angry enough.”

Second, love your potential. Don’t let others fill your life with the things they want you to do. Love your talents and passions enough to express them – enough to stop doing things that block them.

Third, find people who lift you toward your goals not theirs. In addition, be a person who lifts others toward their goals. Real friends lift each other.

Do you have friends that are enemies in disguise? Enemies hinder or block your progress toward your goals. Dump them if things don’t change.

Fourth, don’t start anything new until you stop something old. It’s OK to start stopping things.

Fifth, step toward the life, leadership, passion you desire. Take a simple, small step today.

How can leaders stop the madness?


Yesterday’s post will help you stop the madness. “Working Toward Working Less” You aren’t over-worked because of your abilities. You are over-worked because you lack ability.


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