Working Toward Working Less

The reason you don’t get more done is you’re doing too much.

We tie our worth to being busy. The busier we are the more important we feel. There is some truth to the idea that being busy indicates we are valuable to others.

Perpetual busyness, however, is more a sickness than an indication of value. Perhaps busyness indicates we are smothering our pain in constant motion.

10 Reasons you are overworked:

You aren’t over-worked because of your abilities. You are over-worked because you lack ability. For example:

  1. You can’t make someone unhappy. (people pleaser)
  2. You refuse to hold others accountable.
  3. You avoid hard conversations.
  4. You can’t take things out of your bucket. All you do is add, add, add.
  5. You don’t delegate.
  6. You won’t trust others.
  7. You can’t organize and plan.
  8. You can’t say no. (That includes saying no to the boss)
  9. You aren’t able to prioritize.
  10. You can’t see the value in investing and enabling others. You live on quick fixes.


Believe you matter and what you do matters. You won’t matter until you decide to.

Focus, Focus, Focus:

Focus on things that matter most. The shorter the life span the less it matters. Cars last a few years; people have souls and spirits – they last forever. Focus on people. Would life change if you shifted from things to people?

Focus on the biggest bang for your buck. Are you wasting your energy doing things that don’t create the world you desire? Stop wasting yourself.

An unfocused life is a frenetic, wasted life.

Working toward working less:

Take one thing from the list of 10 reasons you are overworked and gradually live it. Then take another.

What suggestions do you have for people who are perpetually too busy to do what matters?