15 Techniques that Create Upward Mobility

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It’s not unusual for emerging leaders to seek advice on how to ask for a promotion. It’s not enough to ask for a promotion. You must build a platform.

5 techniques you should never employ:

  1. Avoid being a threat to insecure bosses. If possible, help them get what they want.
  2. Never say you are better than someone above you; you just insulted the leadership team your boss belongs to.
  3. Never make negative comparisons between you and your colleagues. If you get promoted, you may end up leading people you just disrespected. Additionally, insulting others suggests the people who hired them made a mistake.
  4. Never feel entitled; it destroys your credibility.
  5. Never threaten to leave.

10 techniques that expedite your next promotion:

  1. Begin conversations long before you ask. Let higher-ups know you want to move up. But, don’t make them uncomfortable with your ambition.
  2. Make your approach more about the company than about you. You always want to take your organization further.
  3. Always say, “How can I earn an opportunity to move up?”
  4. Always exceed expectations. Go the extra mile.
  5. Ask for and write down specific, measurable behaviors and results your boss wants to see. The more specific you can be the more successful you’ll become.
  6. Toot your own horn.
  7. Establish an acceptable communication plan. Tell your boss moving up is on your mind and you’d like to discuss it once a quarter.
  8. Immediately start looking for a new position when you’re 70% sure there’s no upward mobility.
  9. Constantly build a network of advisors, leaders, and colleagues that believe in you. Let them know your ultimate goals so they can support you.
  10. Demonstrate you understand the challenges and opportunities your organizations faces. Rise above your division or department.


Which technique do you find most useful and why?

How can people build a platform for their next promotion?


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