Sweet 16 Potent Leadership Quotes – You Decide


It’s easy to confuse and difficult to clarify. Confusion drives us toward clarity. Clarity allows us to act.

I’m looking for your perspective and insights on this set of Leadership Freak quotes. Will you grab one or more and expand, correct, clarify, and/or modify it.

The Sweet 16:

  1. Don’t let the stupid things others do be the reason you do stupid things.
  2. When we believe that we matter and what we do matters, we lead from within.
  3. Dream, imagine, think, and plan all you want. Nothing happens until you take the first step.
  4. Fearing failure is a sure way to fail.
  5. If you plan to grow a business, plan to grow people.
  6. Don’t narrow the dream, expand the team. From: “Dream Builders
  7. It’s amazing how a good word motivates better than a criticism. See the bad, say the good.
  8. The advantage of a poor memory is I’m constantly coming up with new ideas!
  9. Hey give yourself permission to make a difference. If not you, who?
  10. If you hide your failures, you’ll fail. From: “Open Leadership – The Failure Imperative
  11. If you can reach your vision with your current resources, you need a bigger vision!
  12. You don’t see you like others see you. From: “Spotting Blind Spots
  13. Enjoying approval is healthy. Needing it is sick.
  14. What’s worse than failure? Succeeding at what doesn’t matter.
  15. The more leaders focus on “what” the more effective they are.
  16. People that can’t decide what they like end up liking nothing.


Don’t let the stupid things others do be the reason you do stupid things.

Self-sabotage includes short-sighted behaviors excused by our frustration with irritants like failed systems and incompetent people. Unmanaged frustration seldom succeeds.


What do these leadership quotes make you think? (Expand, correct, clarify, modify)


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