Portrait of a Micro-manager

Most people I’ve asked say they’ve worked for a micro-manager. Their frustration shows when they talk about the person who drained joy from their career and under-utilized their skills.

You’re a micro-manager if you:

  1. Over-estimate your skills and under-estimate the skills of the team.
  2. Feel misunderstood and unappreciated.
  3. Hear too many questions.
  4. See yourself as a doer rather than an enabler.
  5. Give incremental permission.
  6. Pride yourself in being on top of everything.
  7. Check work email on weekends, evenings, and during vacation.
  8. Criticize too much and affirm too little.
  9. Need too much information yet give too little.
  10. View staff development as wasted time.
  11. Punish mistakes rather than learning from them.
  12. Hoard power and authority.
  13. View others as adversaries to be controlled.
  14. Take credit.
  15. Blame.
  16. Prevent initiative.
  17. Work longer hours than anyone else.
  18. Frustrate your team.
  19. Emphasize authority.
  20. Minimize relationship.

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What qualities do micro-managers possess?

What impact do micro-managers have on individuals, teams, and/or organizations?