How to Avoid Failing Successfully


If busy equals success, you’ve arrived. But, the busier you are the easier it is to forget what matters.

Hectic leaders are distracted leaders.

Leaders without focus succeed at what doesn’t matter.

Busy leaders get results but ruin relationships, for example. Achieving results without building relationships is the formula for short-term success and long-term disaster.

Failing successfully:

A person without priorities follows urgencies. A person with priorities pursues significance.

A leader without priorities is a follower.

In order to matter you must stop doing things that don’t matter. But there’s much more.


Move beyond what you won’t do by establishing positive boundaries.

Dr. Henry Cloud, author of, “Boundaries for Leaders,” said, “Boundaries are made up of two essential things: what you create and what you allow.” Dr. Cloud explains that, among other things, boundaries enable focus.

Leaders without boundaries are leaders without focus.


Dr. Cloud explains that focus enables and enhances performances, both yours and theirs.

Enhance performance by clarifying focus.

Ask people in your organization, “What’s our focus?” How many answers will you get? It’s likely many have personal answers. That’s a hectic organization.


Dr. Cloud tells the story of a leader who has brief daily leadership huddles with his team to:

  1. Celebrate yesterday’s victories.
  2. Share helpful information. What new market information have you learned, for example?
  3. Identify a present challenge. How can we solve this challenge?

The successful leader Dr. Cloud describes creates focus every day.

How can leaders create boundaries that clarify focus?


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