Subliminal Leadership


Forgive my Saturday silliness and those with mobile devices may have difficulty reading this post.

Today’s scintillating post is a selection of surprising “S” words for leaders.

Unsuccessful leaders:

  1. Shelter from tough truths. Sugarcoating prevents solutions.
  2. Solace slackers.
  3. Support quickly. Better to allow suffering than step in or sympathize too soon. Comfort and coddling end growth.
  4. Scapegoat.
  5. Straddle the fence. Straddling seems safe but stagnates. The issue for straddlers isn’t seeing both sides its courage.

Successful leaders:

  1. Simplify. The hardest path to find is the simple path. On the other hand, lazy, weak, self-satisfied leaders create complexity.
  2. Summarize. Effective leaders boil things down; unsuccessful get lost in the weeds. Great systems are summaries.
  3. Make people squirm. High standards, accountability, and the pursuit of excellence aren’t comfortable. Sticklers are irritating.
  4. Serve without becoming slaves or creating dependence.
  5. Shape culture.

Which “S” word that I listed is most important, from your viewpoint?

What “S” word for leaders can you add?