Identify your Point of Greatest Opportunity

rusty hinge

The door to achievement never opens kindly. It swings on reluctant hinges called resistance.

Failure to push through resistance explains why you’re stuck. You came to a doorway and sat down. You started asking:

  1. What will people think of me?
  2. What if I flop?
  3. What if results don’t match aspirations?

“Rule of thumb: The more important a call or action is to our soul’s evolution the more Resistance we will feel toward pursuing it.” Steven Pressfield

Surrender to resistance establishes height of reach.

The point of resistance is the point of greatest opportunity.

The feel of resistance signals the need to push.

New question:

Resistance asks all the wrong questions. Shine a light on resistance by asking questions like:

  1. What do I think of me?
  2. What if I don’t?
  3. Who might help?
  4. What’s blocking courage?


I used to believe resistance from others was the main reason I ended up stuck. After all, leaders always encounter external resistance. Frankly, the ability to transform resistance to support is an essential leadership quality.

But, internal, not external resistance, is the culprit who most often brings us to our knees. It’s not them. It’s us. Resistance asks:

  1. Do you have what it takes?
  2. Does what matters to you, really matter to others?
  3. Are you big enough?

The last question chills me. “Are you big enough?”

Death by how:

How’s kill what’s. Once you know the difference you want to make – your What – resistance asks, “How can you possibly do that?” How’s terrify and drain.

Answer fear by staying focused on the benefit you long to bring, the big What. Figure out how as you go.


Resistance wears the noble mask of perfection. Face resistance by embracing imperfect solutions. Do something that feels not good enough but steps toward your dream.

What does resistance feel like to you?

How can leaders face resistance?

Check out the great list of leadership R’s on the Leadership Freak Facebook Page. While you’re there, add leadership S’s for tomorrow’s post.

Resource: The best book I’ve read on resistance is, “The War of Art,” by Steven Pressfield.