The Secret to Finding Your Own Voice

The voice in your head is someone else, who sounds like you. Don’t trust it.

Inner voices are the disguised voices of people from your past.

voices in your head

Inner critic:

Your inner critic is the voice of an angry parent, teacher, or family member. Remember how they put you down? Now, you do the same to yourself.

Nothing satisfies. You always fall short.

When inner critics win, insecurity and people-pleasing take over.

Inner protector:

You don’t try new things because you were protected from failure while you were growing up. They didn’t let you try new things. When you stumbled, they rushed in to keep you from skinning your knee.

Over-protection is rejection.

When parents or bosses over-protect, they tell people they’re not capable. If you had a dominant protector in your past, your inner voice keeps saying, “Be careful,” and “You can’t do it, so you better not try.”

Inner liar:

You tell yourself you’re awesome, but you haven’t earned it. You can’t distinguish between intrinsic human value and performance. Someone helped you accept mediocrity by coddling you.

Today, you expect something for nothing, because you “deserve” it.

True voice:

I’ve been on this planet over half a century. Once in a while, I hear my own voice. But, most of the time, I’m reacting or responding to intruders in my head.

If you’d like to find your inner voice, eliminate outsiders. The next time your inner voice tells you something, ask, “Who are you,” and “What do you really want?”

Sadly, the voices you’ve been hearing, sound remarkably like someone else. Have them take a seat on the bench. Eventually, the last voice you hear will be yours.

The only way to find your voice is to silence the others.

How are you finding your inner voice?