John Maxwell on the Three Phases of His Journey Pt. 2

The first phase of leadership is gathering followers; the second is developing leaders.

If you just have followers you can add but you can’t multiply.

John Maxwell


Having followers isn’t a bad thing, it’s just not the only thing.

John Maxwell in his own words (0:32): 

Leaders who develop leaders:

  1. Extend the impact of their vision.
  2. Deepen the influence of their lives.
  3. Enrich people around them.
  4. Multiply results.

Successful leaders move from addition to multiplication by developing leaders.

Stingy prevents multiplication:

Stingy leaders can’t multiply results.

  1. Stingy with knowledge. Knowledge makes fearful leaders feel powerful. They don’t share knowledge, they hoard it.
  2. Stingy with permission.
  3. Stingy with praise.
  4. Stingy with authority.
  5. Stingy with feedback. You’re doing the best you can. Growing beyond your current capacity requires insight from those outside yourself.

Top 7 qualities of leaders who develop leaders:

Developing leaders is about character first, technique second.

  1. Belief in others. Who do you believe in? The challenge of developing leaders is trusting that those who aren’t there yet can be.
  2. Open-heartedness. Who are you vulnerable with?
  3. Forgiveness. Progress requires second chances.
  4. Passion for excellence. How are you pressing for higher standards?
  5. Courage to address tough issues. How do you address negative patterns?
  6. Patience to let others find and test their own answers. How can you be hands-off yet near-by?
  7. Humility to enjoy lifting others beyond yourself.

What prevents leaders from developing leaders?

How can leaders develop leaders?

Phase three of the leader’s journey tomorrow!


Read insights from Facebook fans: People grow as leaders when _______.

Maxwell’s latest book: “Good Leaders Ask Great Questions: Your Foundation for Successful Leadership.”