John Maxwell on the Three Phases His Journey Pt. 3

Isolation limits potential, restricts capacity, and lowers impact.

Influence expands exponentially through partnerships.

Isolation is the enemy.

two are better than one

The first phase of a leader’s journey is having followers. The second is developing leaders.

The third phase of a leader’s journey is partnerships.

John Maxwell in his own words (0:48):

Find someone walking in the same direction and walk with them.

4 roadblocks to exponential success:

  1. Turfism: The false belief that others shouldn’t venture into your territory. The bigger your need to mark your turf the smaller it gets.
  2. Spot-light-hoggism: Fear others might outshine you. Are you OK with being #2? You won’t go far if you have to be #1 all the time.
  3. White-knuckleitis: Hanging on to what you know or have rather than generously opening your hand.
  4. Know-it-allism: Need to be right reflected in lack of curiosity and defensiveness. You can’t learn when you need to be right.

Ego keeps leaders bound up in themselves.

7 factors in strong partnerships:

  1. Courageous candor. Can you talk about your concerns openly? If you feel guarded now it will get worse not better.
  2. Transparency. How are you open about what you really want?
  3. Begin slowly. Caution is healthy. Set a time-limit. “Let’s try this for a year,” for example.
  4. Personal knowledge. Only partner with people you know.
  5. Shared values and goals. Alignment is power.
  6. Mutual benefit. What’s the win for everyone?
  7. Clarify exit strategies. How will you end your partnership and under what conditions? Talk about the end at the beginning, before there’s tension.

4 questions concerning potential partners:

  1. Do you like them?
  2. Do you want to help them succeed?
  3. Do you have their best interests at heart?
  4. Do you deeply respect them?

Leaders who move from having followers to developing leaders take giant leaps forward. But there’s an even bigger leap.

Partnerships represent exponential leaps forward.

What factors are necessary for strong partnerships?

What are the dangers of partnerships?

Maxwell’s latest book: “Good Leaders Ask Great Questions: Your Foundation for Successful Leadership.”