What Matters Now

A million small things call you away from what matters now.


We sell ourselves to the “devil of busyness” because it’s easier than doing what matters now.  Busyness is an excuse to avoid what matters because what matters terrifies.

Failure terrifies when you do what matters now.

The faint of heart would rather do what what matters less. Failing at what matters less, hurts less.

You squander yourself when you give yourself to what doesn’t matter now.

The passion of a few matters now:

The passion of a few matters more than the lethargy of the masses. Find that handful of influential people who want to matter now and align their passion.

I had a white albino horse when I was a kid. He loved to run. We got rid of him because he ran me through trees and over rock walls. He went where he wanted to go.

Passion is not enough. Focused, aligned passions matter now.

Three people pulling in the same direction go further than three people pulling in separate directions.

Current resources matter now:

How can you leverage current resources? Never allow what you wish you had to be the excuse for not maximizing what you have.

“If only,” is a fool’s excuse to do nothing.


Did you forget that people are your most valuable resource?

A million small things prevent you from developing leaders. The leader’s product isn’t a widget, it’s people. Everything that prevents you from pouring into people distracts from what matters now.

Distracted leaders are at the center of everything. What you want to do gets in the way of what leaders really do, develop leaders.

Belief that it’s all about you distracts from what matters now. Push others into the center while you step out.

Do less so you can get more done.

What matters now?

What distracts leaders from what matters now?