If You Didn’t Have a Brain, How would You Know

The Tin Man cried because he didn’t have a heart. How can a heartless person cry over being heartless?

The Scarecrow figured out how to save Dorothy from the witch, even though he thought he didn’t have a brain.

If you didn’t have a brain, how would you know?


All the characters in the Wizard of Oz had what they sought.

Drive and capacity:

Drive to possess suggests capacity to display.

The Cowardly Lion longed for courage, but he displayed courage on the quest to save Dorothy.

The drive to be compassionate, courageous, organized, or motivational suggests capacity for these qualities.

Wish not drive:

Drive goes deeper than wish.

You wish you could get organized. You have an annual organizing binge. But, in a few weeks, your office returns to chaos. If you die with a messy desk, it won’t bother you. Getting organized is a wish not a drive.


The quest to save Dorothy displayed and developed the Tin Man’s heart, the Cowardly Lion’s courage, and the Scarecrows brains.

Quest reveals and develops capacity.

What quality are you driven to possess? Engage in activities that require that quality. Are you driven to communicate effectively? Jump into roles that require communication skills.

The characters of the Wizard of Oz had what they sought, but didn’t know it, until they lost themselves on the quest to save Dorothy from the Wicked Witch.

Find capacity and develop sufficiency while serving, not before.

Push yourself into deeper waters. Hold yourself to high standards. Join others on a noble quest.

The weakness that makes you crazy may be strength waiting to emerge.


Connect with fellow travelers on your quest. You won’t get there on our own.

How have weaknesses become strengths on your journey?

How has being in over your head developed you?