How Values Expedite Connection and Integration

We’re integrating a new team member. I asked her about values. Her first words were about excellence.

shared values

Values as points of integration and connection:

She’ll interact with team members with their own personal values. One team member, like her, is driven to get everything just right.

Mr. Excellence:

I suggested she interject “excellent” language in her communication with this team member.

She might say, “I really want to get this right,” when she asks him for something. “Could you have your information to me by Wednesday so we can work on smooth transitions.”

Mr. Compassion:

We have another team member who values compassion. Her approach might look like this.

“I know you don’t want to stress people out. Would you have your part of this project completed by Wednesday so the rest of the team can complete their work without unnecessary stress.”

Mr. Get it done:

We have another team member who loves to get things done. Be sure to align your language around checking things off the list and completing projects.

Mr. Development:

I’m dedicated to helping people develop themselves. If you want my buy-in, explain how you’re helping people grow.

Shared values:

Shared values establish strong ties, engagement, and, most importantly, they generate energy on the team.

You don’t have to like your team mates. You do have to share values.

Gratitude and values:

Align gratitude with their values.

  • Mr. Excellence: You helped us get it right.
  • Mr. Compassion: Everyone felt great about our performance.
  • Mr. Get it done: You helped us get it done.
  • Mr. Development: Bobby’s performance is better than last time.

What are the essentials for integrating new team members?