How to Find Your Nut

Fill in the blank, “All I care about is _______.” If you can’t complete it, you’re just going through the motions.

A person going in many directions ends up going nowhere.

squirrel staring

What if you don’t know?

You know what you care about, but maybe you forgot.

The enemy of meaningful activity is doing meaningless activities. Choose your nut – the thing you care most about – then do what matters. A squirrel without a nut has lost his way.

If you don’t know what you care most about, put your energy into figuring it out.


I asked my coach, Bob Hancox, what he cared most about. He said, “Creating the space for people to find clarity.” It’s not surprising that he had helped me find clarity moments before.


In order to do what matters you must stop doing what doesn’t matter.

  1. Write down your top five priorities for the day.
  2. Identify the priority that most aligns with all you care about?
  3. Draw a line through the other priorities. You must do things that matter in order to become a leader who matters.
  4. Spend an hour working exclusively on the priority that most aligns with all you care about. Turn off email. Don’t answer the phone. Forget social media. Do what matters, without distraction, for at least an hour.

*Adapted from, Essentialism.

Leaders who haven’t decided all they care about, are distracted, diluted, and frustrated.

3 requirements for success:

  1. Complete the sentence, “All I care about is ________.”
  2. Evaluating the way you use time and energy by “all you care about is _______.”
  3. Eliminate activities that are disconnected from what you care about.

Nothing can stop you when you’re serving the thing you most care about.

How might you complete, “All I care about is ______.”

My statement: All I care about is helping people develop themselves.


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