4 Simple Projects that Transform Culture Today

You’re under appreciated and overworked.

Bitterness follows ingratitude, the most self-destructive quality of all.

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10 reasons you’re ungrateful:

#1. Expectation ends gratitude. Results are expected. When you deliver them, someone gives you another goal. There’s no appreciation for doing things you were supposed to do.

#2. Pressure ends gratitude. There’s no time for appreciation when everyone’s barely keeping their head above water.

#3. Problems end gratitude. We can’t stop to say thanks when the world’s coming to an end.

#4. Greed ends gratitude. You aren’t thankful because you want more. Who can appreciate having less than they want?

#5. Inequity ends gratitude. You work harder than others. Why should you thank them for doing less than you?

#6. Complaining ends gratitude. It’s hard to see the good while talking about the bad.

#7. False humility ends gratitude. You belittle compliments. “I didn’t do that much.”

#8. Entitlement ends gratitude. People who work are more thankful than those who don’t.

#9. Negative history ends gratitude. Bad experiences with a person cause you to reject their thankfulness and make you ungrateful for them.

#10. Not receiving gratitude ends gratitude. “If they aren’t thankful, I won’t be thankful.”

4 projects:

#1. Ask teammates, “What could I do to show I appreciate you, your results, efforts, and dedication. Do those things.

#2. Call gratitude meetings. Invite the leadership team to a “thank-you card meeting.” The sole purpose of the meeting is to write thank-you notes to teammates and colleagues.

#3. Drive-by gratitude. Stop into an office, say thank-you for something, then walk out.

#4. Appreciate character, not just results.

  • You’re enthusiasm is encouraging.
  • I can count on you. Thanks for being reliable.
  • I respect your dedication, even if results fell short.

Don’t call a big meeting to complain about lack of gratitude. Just go show gratitude in small ways.


Would it be terrible if everyone said you’re the most thankful leader they know?

What prevents leaders from showing gratitude?

How might you show more gratitude today?