Seven Ways to Rise by Letting Go

Frustration is hoping for change while clinging to the past.

The first step into your future is letting go of what stopped working.

 the leader who rises the highest

6 ways to know you R.U.S.T.E.D. and it’s time to let go:

You know its time to change, but you just keep hanging on.

  1. Restless – something needs to change. Desperation grows.
  2. Uncertainty – old strategies aren’t working as expected.
  3. Stuck – feeling the walls closing in, but uncertain about next steps.
  4. Troubled – frustration from running on a treadmill and getting nowhere.
  5. Exploited – trapped by the career you loved. People depend on you.
  6. Disconnected – isolation that results from ignoring your frustration.

Great leadership begins with letting go of behaviors that don’t lead to greatness.

7 ways to find success by letting go:

  1. Accept the darkness. You’re supposed to be happy, but you aren’t. Accept it.
  2. Ask negative circumstances, “What are you teaching me?”
  3. Connect with people who are transparent, tough, and tender. When you’re stuck, you need someone who has developed them self and who can help you confront the brutal facts with tenderness. Avoid fixers.
  4. Don’t blame others for your disappointing present. Finger-pointing solidifies the past.
  5. Focus on things within your control, even if they’re small.
  6. Press forward with imperfect clarity.
  7. Monitor energy. Do what gives you energy, not what drains it.

The ability to let go enhances your ability to develop teams, organizations, and yourself.

4 signs you’re not ready to let go:

  1. Talking with the same people in the same way. Some relationships congeal the past.
  2. Language that focuses on “don’t want” and “don’t like.”
  3. Closing down rather than opening up.
  4. Pretending you’re happy.

Note: Don’t reject long-term relationships, unless they reject you. Just add new.

Letting go, like releasing sandbags from hot-air balloons, lets you rise.

 What “letting go” tips do you suggest?

What warning do you have about letting go?