Four Ways to Get Ahead in Your Organization

Everyone who rises within an organization does things to please people with power.

getting ahead within organizations

Getting ahead within organizations always includes making someone happy.

4 ways to get ahead within organizations:

#1. Seek and listen to input, but don’t be needy.

    1. Don’t ask, “How am I doing?”
    2. Seek input that delivers results, not that makes you feel good about yourself.
    3. Learn new skills, “What do I need to know to get this done?”
    4. Ask, “How can we make this better?”
    5. Don’t make excuses when criticized.

#2. Try new things without needing constant affirmation. (See #1.)

    1. Take charge; stay open.
    2. Solve problems without making everyone’s life miserable.
    3. Include people who know more than you. Lone Rangers aren’t leaders.
    4. Deliver results that matter to others. All results aren’t equal.
    5. Connect all activities with organizational mission. Working hard to do the “wrong” thing is dumb.

#3. Be an energy giver, not an energy drain.

    1. Ask yourself, “Am I bringing people down?”
    2. Avoid behaviors that drain people. Giving energy includes not draining it.
    3. Celebrate effort, progress, and completion. Don’t wait until the end to celebrate.
    4. Never gossip, whine, point fingers, or minimize challenges.
    5. Notice people’s strengths, talents, and success.

#4. Build relationships that deliver results across the organization.

    1. Don’t just make friends. Help others get things done.
    2. Receive help when it makes others look good.
    3. Let others win.
    4. Connect with rising stars.
    5. Disagree with power-people in private.

5 “Get ahead” tips:

  1. Don’t try to get ahead too much. Just do a great job.
  2. Follow the example of people who are successfully climbing the corporate ladder.
  3. Move-on when you get passed over. I know some leaders who have gutted it out and succeeded. In general, just move on.
  4. Make lateral moves that expand capacity and experience.
  5. Make life easier for people who control advancement.

Do these ideas trouble you? Why?

What could you do today to enhance your career?