The Answer is Who

Short-sighted leaders are consumed with results.

Real leaders are consumed with people.

The answer is who.

Real leaders know it's people before results

Traditional leaders:

  1. Solve problems.
  2. Prevent failure.
  3. Create systems.
  4. Measure results.

Traditional leadership is essential. But, never treat people like tools or lose yourself to results.

All the problems you want to solve and results you want to achieve are connected to people.

  1. Why are you focused on problems rather than people?
  2. Why aren’t you more worried about people than failure?
  3. Why are you spending so much time disconnected from people who do the work?

Real leaders:

Real leaders know great people produce great results.

Results don’t magically appear.

Real leaders know it’s who before how. Real leaders:

  1. Attract great people.
  2. Build cross-functional relationships.
  3. Maximize strengths. Developing people by maximizing their strengths, not fixing them. Deal with weaknesses that limit strengths. Mitigate the rest. Wise leaders know that talented people are great at one or two things and average or less at the rest.
  4. Connect people with others.
  5. Fuel passion.


  1. How are people goals integrated into your daily activities?
  2. How much of your time should be dedicated to developing yourself and others?
  3. What can you do today to focus and energize people?
  4. When can you walk around and meet people, today?


Wise leaders integrate the human component into achieving results. Ask “who” questions:

  1. Who do we want to be?
  2. How do we want to treat each other?
  3. What type of person achieves the results we need to achieve?
  4. What behaviors best reflect the type of people we aspire to be?
  5. Who do you aspire to be while fulfilling our mission? How can I help you be that person?

How might leaders elevate the “who” part of their role?

What people-building behaviors can you embrace today?