Don’t Pressure Timid People to be Brave

Fear might feel safe, but leadership requires boldness.

Fear congeals the past. Boldness builds the future.

Fear is survival-mode. Boldness is opportunity-mode.

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Boldness follows hope.

4 ways to build bold teams:

  1. Provide training.
  2. Celebrate mistakes. Ask:
    • What are you learning?
    • What will you do differently next time?
    • Who might know?
  3. Provide coaches and mentors.
  4. Inspire hope.

Boldness follows hope.

Hope is facing the future believing the journey is worth it.

Don’t pressure timid people to be brave – give them hope and they will be bold.

7 ways to inspire hope:

  1. Believe in people. The people who believe in us fuel our greatness. Leaders who don’t believe in their people limit their potential.
  2. Tell people what you care about. Have heart. Stop treating people like machines.
  3. Promote people who care. Results without heart build uncaring environments. The most important thing about you is the way you treat each other while you fulfill your mission.
  4. Do things that matter. Never complete meaningless tasks; achieve meaningful vision. Make the world better.
  5. Ask for feedback about your performance frequently. High performance teams connect over feedback.
  6. Celebrate effort, it keeps people moving forward.
  7. Encourage people to rest and renew.

Leaders who inspire hope lead bold teams.

How might leaders build bold teams?

How might leaders inspire hope?