CA – Caring Anonymous

You care, even though you might feel uncomfortable showing it.

Personally, for years, I’ve joked, “I’m from Maine. We have feelings on Christmas Eve and the Fourth of July. I’m not a touchy-feely.” But, the truth is, I care.

Maybe leaders need Caring Anonymous meetings. Hello, I’m Dan and I care.

success without heart is failure.png

Leaders and organizations without heart are dead, even if they make money. 

Hard asses need coercion to lead. 

Fear dominates in heartless organizations.

3 reasons leaders fear heart:

  1. People will walk all over you.
  2. Results will be replaced by warm fuzzy feelings and business will fail.
  3. You don’t know how to deal with tough issues quickly.

Leadership is influence. Influence requires connection. Heart is the fiber of connection.

I’ll follow a leader who get’s misty about people, leadership, and business. Go home, if you don’t care.

4 ways to lead with heart:

  1. Let people see you. Energy requires vulnerability, but hiding blocks fulfillment.
  2. Bring heart to tough issues and conversations. An unwillingness to confront means you need to care more, not less. Jerks lead with hard hearts. Push-overs ignore tough issues. Successful leaders care most when it hurts.
  3. Ask, “How might we care for each other as we move forward?” Only machines deliver results without feeling.
  4. Raise the bar high because people are worth it. Say:
    • You have more in you.
    • Let’s break through issues that hold you back.
    • How might I pull the rope with you?

The belief that you can lead without heart destroys leadership.

Success without heart is failure. Heart doesn’t block leadership. It enables it.

Look around your office. Do you see leaders who care? 

What makes leaders afraid of leading with heart?

How might leaders lead with heart?