I’m Glad I didn’t Dream Big

I’m glad I didn’t dream big when it came to writing the Leadership Freak blog. I didn’t set out to write a popular leadership blog. I set out to be helpful to as many people as I could. 

Big dreams are heavy burdens.

I frequently talk with frustrated people with big dreams who feel stuck.

don't worry about filling everyone's cup.png

3 big problems with big dreams:

  1. Big dreams scoff at small steps. They aren’t big enough.
  2. Big dreams say current opportunities are too small. Compared to the big dream of leading an organization, volunteering at a nonprofit seems like a waste of time.
  3. Big dreams make day to day behaviors feel insignificant.

Big dreams make average people feel small. But, if the statistics are accurate, most of us are average.

12 alternatives to big dreams:

Powerful impact is a combination of talent, hard work, opportunity, and good fortune. Rather than dreaming big …

  1. Fuel optimistic discontent. Be thankful for current opportunities and dissatisfied at the same time. Believe you’re able to serve more people than you’re currently serving.
  2. Live generously. Self-centered living limits impact. Pour into others. Don’t worry about filling everyone’s cup. Just empty yours.
  3. Follow your energy. Serve others in ways that create energy for you.
  4. Listen to others.
  5. Work hard. A life that matters goes beyond watching TV and playing video games.  
  6. Do what you can with what you have, right now.
  7. Set goals that contribute to people. Goals that center on power, prestige, and prosperity may have their place, but real success always centers on people.
  8. Hold yourself to high standards.
  9. Rest and restore. Challenging yourself isn’t about being frazzled.
  10. Try things you haven’t tried.
  11. Connect with people who are making a difference.
  12. If you aren’t sure what to do, help someone who knows what to do.

What are some down sides of dreaming big?

How might leaders enhance their impact in the world?