7 Ways to Find Purpose

Lack of purpose is the reason you feel adrift and disconnected.

Purpose is stability in a stormy.

Noble purpose makes leaders trustworthy, resilient, and effective. But, the challenges of leadership crush leaders who lack noble purpose.

the power of reflection is best seen after you've done something not before.png

7 benefits of purpose:

  1. Joy. It feels great to find a worthwhile place in the world. Lack of purpose is like sleepwalking through life.
  2. Clarity. Purpose clarifies life like the sun lifts fog.
  3. Value. Purpose exposes your value to others in the world.
  4. Direction. That feeling of wandering is a symptom of lack of meaningful puropse
  5. Wisdom to say no and courage to take action. Leaders without purpose are pushed around by opportunity.
  6. Motivation. Purpose pulls leaders into meaning. Meaning is motivation.
  7. Resilience. Nothing can stop you when you find purpose.

7 ways to find leadership purpose:

  1. Get busy. The thing that finds you while you’re sitting under a tree is sleep. The power of reflection is best seen after you’ve done something, not before.
  2. Step out of yourself. The first challenge of leadership is shifting your thinking from you to others. Purpose brings you fulfillment, but leadership-purpose is always about bringing value to others.
  3. Celebrate your abilities. There’s no place for false humility on the leader’s journey. You can’t lead without competence. If you’re great at systems, build systems, for example.
  4. Know your reasons for leading. I hope it’s more than money, position, or power.
  5. Listen to people who challenge you. The seduction of coddlers is the illusion of self-indulgent purpose. Coddlers steal potential and obscure purpose.
  6. Step into the unknown. Do something new. Take current activities to a new level.
  7. Follow your energy. Everyone does things that drain energy, but living in purpose ignites energy.

Find purpose broadly at first. Try, “Bringing value to others.” Narrow as you go.

What are the benefits of finding purpose?

How do leaders find their purpose?