I Felt on the Spot During Q&A

I felt on the spot after a recent presentation. During the Q&A, my authenticity was questioned in front of the audience.

I give Leadership Freak coffee cups for questions. When I gave her the cup, she said, “You might want it back.”

helping others solve their own problems is more effective than solving problems for them.png

How it started:

During presentations, I use one-time coaching calls to illustrate the necessity of spending most of your time exploring solutions. Two or three times a month, I invite people, who have written for advice, to have a one-time, complimentary coaching call.

Helping others solve their own problems is more effective than solving problems for them.

You can’t spend 45 minutes of a one hour call talking about what’s wrong and expect to make progress. To drive the point home I tell audiences,

  • I don’t care about the problem.
  • I don’t even need to hear the problem.
  • I’m not going to solve the problem, they are.

Questioning my authenticity:

She questioned my authenticity because I said, “I don’t care about the problem.”

I wasn’t sure how to respond. After all, I’m giving my time away. It seems obvious that I care. But, I did say, “I don’t care.”

Learning from negative feedback:

  1. Expect to be held to high standards.
  2. Public behaviors may receive public feedback.
  3. Say, “Thank you,” when receiving negative feedback.
  4. Choose to learn, not defend, when someone has an issue.
  5. Label strong language. I enjoy stimulating thought with hyperbole. “I don’t care about the problem,” is my attempt to encourage leaders to focus on solutions. 

Negative feedback feels awkward, especially when it’s in front of a group. However, negative feedback is essential for anyone who pursues excellence.

What do you do when you feel put on the spot?

How might leaders best receive negative feedback?

**My presentations include tons of useful leadership principles (hyperbole). After this one, several leaders came up to explore having me come to their organizations.