Evolution of a Hater-Leader

Stop hating on people.

You may protest, “I don’t hate on people.” Technically, you’re probably right. You don’t literally hate your teammates. But, you do something that feels like hate.

focus on inadequacy to create inferiority

Leaders who focus on fixing people feel like haters to the people they’re trying to fix – their victims.

When you think someone is inadequate, your help doesn’t help. Being fixed by someone who believes there’s something wrong with you feels like rejection.

Rejection feels like hate. Respect feels like love.

Evolution of a hater-leader:

You didn’t wake up hating on your teammates. Hating quietly sneaks up on leaders who focus on weaknesses, problems, and failure.

Control your focus because your focus controls you.

Power of focus:

  1. Focus on inadequacy to create inferiority.
  2. Focus on solutions to become a problem-solver.
  3. Focus on opportunity to be useful. 
  4. Focus on the weaknesses of others to become a fixer.
  5. Focus on strengths to develop and enjoy the competency of others.
  6. Focus on problems to become negative.
  7. Focus on learning to grow wise.
  8. Focus on progress to generate energy.
  9. Focus on people to become a people-person.
  10. Focus on gaining power to make others feel weak.

Look for problems and you’ll find them. You find what you seek and go where you look. You hate failure and weakness so you step in to fix them. Before you know it, hating seems like helping.

What do the words you say to others reveal about your focus?


Become a leader who develops people by loving on strengths more than hating on weaknesses. Haters focus on fixing. Developers focus on enhancing capacity and leveraging strengths.

Create environments where people boldly take the bull by the horns. Stop hating on weaknesses. Love on talent.

How might leaders focus more on developing strengths than fixing weaknesses?

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