10 Ways to Help Others Change Trajectory

The things you believe about yourself, your circumstances, and others determines your future.

The root of behavior is belief.

protecting people congeals their past

Three foundational beliefs of wise leaders:

#1. Past performance reflects future performance, apart from intervention.

People tend to stay the same.

Teammates who rose to past challenges tend to rise in the future. Timid teammates remain timid; bold continuing being bold.

Misplaced faith delays corrective action and prolongs disappointment. Until you can point to specific reasons things will change, expect things to remain the same.

When contemplating the future, ask yourself, “What specifically makes you believe things will be different?”

Hope that blinds leaders to poor performance prolongs poor performance.

#2. Past growth reflects future growth, apart from intervention.

Teammates who developed themselves in the past will continue developing. (The only development is self-development. Create opportunities and environments where people step into their own development.)

Stagnant team members tend to remain stagnant.

#3. Trajectory changes after intervention, not before.

The thing that changes people is other people.

Intervention is the only thing that changes someone’s trajectory.

Ten ways to help others change trajectory:

  1. Stop making excuses for people. Protecting people validates and congeals their past.
  2. Understand and align with people’s dreams and aspirations for themselves.
  3. Ignite desire by creating dissatisfaction. “What if you’re selling yourself short?
  4. Invite people to do things with you.
  5. Confront negative patterns.
  6. Press for improvement.
  7. Offer new challenges.
  8. Involve others. People learn and grow in community.
  9. Ask, “How might you challenge yourself in new ways?”
  10. Provide a safety net.

What do successful leaders believe?

How might leaders how others change trajectory?

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