3 Power Questions that Lead Others to a Happy New Year

Those who seek happiness by avoiding discomfort, meet dissatisfaction along the way.

Meaningful discomfort is part of happiness.


4 reasons people end up halfhearted and fully unhappy:

  1. Too many options. Keeping all our options open blocks meaningful commitment.
  2. Too many easy commitments. The path to satisfaction is going in fewer directions with greater energy.
  3. Too much self-protection. Commitments feel dangerous. But the real danger is never making them.
  4. Too many exceptions. An exception is an expensive lie. Being late to meetings and lack of follow-through begin with ‘next time’ thinking. Eventually easy exceptions become destructive habits.

3 power questions to lead others to a happy new year:

#1. What can you pour yourself into? Invite them to pour themselves into something meaningful. Gusto is cousin to happiness. Dabblers become unhappy complainers. A halfhearted life produces full unhappiness. 

Apathy never makes you happy.

#2. How might you stretch yourself? Encourage them to rise to new challenges. The path to happiness often includes discomfort. 

Ease produces temporary happiness and long-term boredom.

#3. What can you commit to do? Challenge them to make commitments. (Accept small commitments at the beginning. No one proposes on the first date.)

A commitment is a decision made once.

4 benefits of a meaningful commitment:

  1. Freedom to take action.
  2. Courage to act, even if others don’t.
  3. Energy to keep going when others quit.
  4. Clarity to eliminate distractions and focus on what matters.

If you want to lead others into a happy new year, lead them into meaningful discomfort and support them along the way.

How might leaders lead others into a happy new year?