How to Build Vibrant Connections and Energize Meaningful Results

Strong organizations are a collection of vibrant connections that energize meaningful results.


Leaders that connect:

Disconnection is expecting more from others than you expect from yourself. A sure sign of arrogance is letting yourself off the hook while setting it deep in others.

Leaders that connect declare their accountabilities. Get comfortable being held accountable if you expect to lead. Invite your team to hold you accountable. Say, “I want to be held accountable.”

You can hold me accountable to:

  1. Declare my intentions. No hidden agendas allowed.
  2. Seek the best interest of others. “Tell me when you hear self-serving language on my lips.”
  3. Embrace, build, and support a culture where people support each other.
    1. Point out behaviors that weaken or block connection – have tough conversations.
    2. Protect, rather than throw under the bus.
    3. Honor talent by stepping back so others can step in.

Teams that connect:

Don’t stand aloof because you’re doing more than others on the team. I know that no one works as hard or cares as much as you. I’ve told more than one leader that they need to get their head out of their butt.

Self absorbed leaders can’t connect.

Teach teams to notice and respect talent, effort, results, and energy in imperfect others.

  1. Establish meeting dynamics where people talk to each other more than they talk to you.
  2. Tell people what they’re doing when you see them at their best.
  3. Train team members to notice others by ‘saying what they see.’ Inquire, for example, when energy goes up or down. What’s going on for you? One reason we don’t notice others is we’re too busy noticing ourselves.
  4. Respect skill. Ask, “How did you develop your ability to create shared vision?” for example.

Successful leaders build environments where people connect with each other in ways that produce great results.

How are strong organizations built?